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Blend your own Alky Racing Alcohol by the drum or bulk tank!
Add fragrance to leave a lasting impression when you go down the track!

 Alky         Get the Alky Advantage!

You can blend your own Alky Racing Alcohol by adding Alky Racing Alcohol Additive to your clear methanol. Click here to read all the benefits of using Alky Racing Alcohol!

The blue top cylinder lube is available in different size containers to suit your needs:

7.5 oz. bottle, blends one drum methanol -  Available in single bottles or case of 12

1/2 gallon, blends 500 gallons bulk methanol

1 gallon, blends 1,000 gallons bulk methanol

5 gallon pail, blends 5,000 gallons bulk methanol




ALKY SCENT    Fuel Fragrances

Available in six fragrances

Kickin Cotton Candy

Cherry Bomb

Grab a Gear Grape

Screamin Strawberry

 NEW! Wild Watermelon 
NEW! Power Popcorn
 Available in cases of twelve 4 oz. bottles 
Each bottle treats one drum of methanol or 20 gallons gas
Try some today!

This product is a fragrance for fuel, and is not intended to enhance power or alter the properties of racing fuel in any way.  And remember, no matter how yummy it smells, Alky Scent is NOT for human consumption!

Resellers:  Create your own! Your customers will have their own unique "aura" when they go down the track! 
Custom scents are available for minimum order lots.                            

Call (800) 521-5420 today for pricing and more information on these products!